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tiistai 30. heinäkuuta 2013

18th post. DRUGS AND SHOPPING!!!

Yes and no.

Well.. When I woke up I didn't feel so well mentally. Saw that I'd got a message, read it, and it didn't make me feel any better.. Had this fight with *someone* and I tried to make up for *someone* but that asshole was so childish that he just like "spit on my face" on the message. SO yeah, he can rot in hell ♥
Aaaaand~ because I wasn't feeling too well in the morning, I just totally crashed after that.
Took few **pills** (Don't worry I have a prescription for it), aaand was feeling better or numb after that!

SO! I went Shopping

Yeah... So, what I got! I think I used about 60€ (Some of the things are missing 'cuz they are presents)

Umm, so yeah, there's a notebook, hair color, scented candles,
stapler, three different handkerchiefs, Vaseline, fake tattoo (lol)
and Riki xD ♥


Umm, I tihnk these are some kind of gift ribbons..
Or.. Something like that.. xD U use these when you put
a present to a package!

Shoes! ♥ White lovely shoes! ♥
Though, I'm not sure do they fit me (size 36 >.>).
So, we made a deal with the shop owner that I'll use them
(inside) and try to "feel" if they fit me then :"D


You can't see it.. But I put some color on my hair..
Need to do this again in three weeks or so :D
Some blonde ;3

Ohhh this bag was just so cute so I had to get it ♥

Dry Shampoo ♥ It was on sale

More stuff.. From Tiger Shop ♥
Some strong glue, Soap-keep-thingie, kitchen cloths (which were too big..) band, pins,
little manicure set and a bag for makeup or something else ♥

I don't think I really had money to shop this much... But... I was feeling really down, and I wanted to *feel* funny and go to public place I dunno xD I had fun! Even if I was alone. Lana Del Rey was with me all the time ;) And I'm okay now ♥

Oh yeah..,. And I also ebay shopped in the morning too... ^^' I'm just not good with money when I **Loose My Mind** (<-- tubed that and found that :D)

Oh yeah, today was my name day (totally forgot about!)
♥ Thanx Mom, Dad, My Darling, Wilma and my brother ♥
Luv u all ♥

2 kommenttia:

  1. Jee! Eikö oo paskaa kun shoppailu piristää :CC Vois olla joku halvempikin tapa! >:D Mut kaikkee ihanaa ostit hihi! Mäki haluisin.. :D

    1. Joo älä vaan D:
      No mennään shoppaa olemattomilla rahoilla!!! XD Ensviikolla?
      Vedän taas pillereit tai särkylääkkeit ni kyll se sitä :DDD
      <3 Mennään sinne Luca kioskii niinku oli puhetta! Ja Kotoon syömäääään <3