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keskiviikko 3. heinäkuuta 2013

11th post. I'm sick and here are my top 5 favorite actors at the moment

First of all, it's going to be really hard. Second, I like all of these actors a lot, but now we are going to have to choose!

5. Jackie Chan (comment: "Kung FU!")
Well, I'd have to say I'm a comedian lovin' person,
and most of the movies he's in are comedys, so..
Oh, and also because of the awsum (>w<) stunts he does,
and all by himself!

Fav. movie: Rush hour 1 ♥

4. Bradley Cooper (comment: "Damn he's... hot.. Ö///Ö")
Why?I think it's because he has this weird charm around him..
And I think he's very talented! And damn that hair.. ♥

Fav. movie: Limitless

3. Kevin Spacey (comment: "He is just... Marvelous")
He is just too outstanding! He is a genius!
Every role he gets, he just amazes me every time!

Fav. move: K-PAX

2. Bruce Willis (comment: "I just love him somehow..")
I think the first movie that I saw was Fifth element, and it was
just something amazing. The music, the story, the characters.
Everything was like perfect. Of course now watching it I can see
the special effects and all, but it is still so awesome. So I'd say it's
because o f Fifth element :)

Fav. movie: Fifth element ;)

1. Jim Carrey (comment: "The best comedy movie actor! No question about it!")
I'd say that eeryone loves him, but I don't they don't..
Like my mom, or my friends mom xD They don't seem to like him!
Mostly Jim has done comedy movies but like "23" or
"I love you Phillip Morris", those movies has a different genre.
And every role he gets I think he manages to complete with
pure... Respect! ♥ Luv him!

Fav. movie: Whoa... this is a hard one.. I think I'd have to say...
The Truman Show

Why?: Because it was one of the first movies I saw from Jim and
so it brings a lot of nostalgic feelings to me :)

So, there u go! If you want, you could also make a list of to 5 actors :)
It'd be fun to read those! ♥ If u do, please link those here.
Oh, you can also comment your top 5 actors ;)

Thnx again! ♥

And, something little, to know you better, Jim.

copyright notice: All photos are from google :3

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