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tiistai 18. joulukuuta 2012

3rd. Frozen Yogurt and New Friend.

Oh whoa...
I had a really awesome day ... Yesterday I mean x"D

I Don't actually remember when was the last time that I had that much fun :D Of course I've had fun but... I had really fun time!!! (Maybe it was because so much happened..? I dunno :3)
Okay, the days started the same way as usually.. For me to hard get out of the bed... and I overslept 30 minutes :D (though today, it was 45min!) I went to shower and blaa blaa blaa :D You don't care what I do..

At work, it was okay, One customer. She actually looked litte of my friend who passed away few years ago.. Yeah okay, but the fun started when the work ended!

We went with My friend, Francis, to taste some Frozen Yogurt from Tennispalatsi.
(I first time heard of the frozen yogurt maybe 6 months ago..? And close to my home there is one shop that sells it, and it's godly delicious ♡)

at first actually there was no one at the cash desk.. Ö__ö
Some instruction of how to use this place

And here was my portion, cost 4,81€. Yogurt, Kiwis and a little bit of almond kibbles.

I was pretty exited how the taste would be, but it was great.
Not as good at in "YO! Frozen Yogurt Café" :3

To compare this to YO's:
 + - At YO's, you can't "do it yourself" but it's done for you, where you have to do it yourself in the Jogo.
+ At YO's, there is only 2 tastes where at Jogos there could be 6 tastes of max.
- At YO's, the yogurts structure is better, more softer, and makes it taste better a bit than in Jogo.
(how to describe... at Jogo, it melts straight to your mouth, like... as if it was too cold... and it also had these weird minimal ice glitter on top of it (which usually comes to icesream if it has melted once and it has been freezed again...). I think it might be because the yogurt at Jogo's is in too cold temprature.. Maybe I'll say about it next time.)
+ at Jogo's, there is much more bigger selection of goodies, berrys, fruits and sauces than at YO's.

And for the pricing at Jogo's, it cost the amount of how much you take (2,10€/100g/about 2 dl), but at YO's there M "normal" (3,50€ + 1 ingredient), L "big" (4,50€ + 2 ingredient) and XL "family size" (7,95€) (which you can actually take home :--D it's huge... I've eaten it twice with my boyfriend ^^).
I'm gonna visit that place again, maybe next time when go to see a movie, or at summer...

Well after this gig, We made our way to Francis's house. (He had plans to the gym with his bf (=best friend)).
His friend also came to the house and actually I've been wanting to meet her...
Jessica >3<!!! 
Ohh, she was so pretty! >w< And she loved pikachu's and and she liked Mario kart, but never had played the new version (only 64) :D Ohhhhhh~
I heard afterwards that she liked me.. I hope we can be friends in the future!!!

And at home, our cat scratching pole came and We finally built it up! >3<

uuuh! aren't they so cute! ♡

Riki (left) and Lana (right)

And after that, watched Arrow, The Big Bang Theory and Hunter x Hunter!
We laughed so hard for some reason, when we played with laser with kitties.
And the laughter stopped when we got to sleep.

Thankyou god, for the wonderful day that I had  :3

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